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Advice and inspiration for organizing your jewelry


Earrings, rings, necklaces … many women like to wear beautiful jewelry to enhance their outfits! Buying and wearing jewelry is the easiest part, but storing it can quickly become a nightmare! Tiny earrings get lost, necklaces get tangled, and metals start to tarnish over time. If you love your jewelry as much as I do, discover in this article some ways to organize your jewelry to protect it and easily find it when you want to use it.

My jewelry storage during my “collector” period

I have long been a great lover of jewelry. I collected them, what am I saying… I accumulated them!

I was not lacking in creativity to organize them. Judge instead:

To hang my necklaces, I used a plywood board covered with white adhesive paper and simply installed thumbtacks on this board. Everything was decorated with masking tape. For my earrings, the small rack was a gift from my sister from Casa. Besides, I recommend Casa which offers a large choice of organizers for jewelry.
And finally, my bracelets and rings were stored in two stackable acrylic jars.

How I organize my jewelry now

Years have passed, and I have decided to simplify my life. My jewelry collection has been reduced and I prefer sentimental pieces with a story.

My jewelry storage has become a simple acrylic drawer with dividers. It suits me perfectly now!

Advice and inspiration for organizing jewelry

Whether you are a collector or a minimalist, here are some tips and inspiration for organizing your jewelry.

Store the necklaces

The most frustrating thing about putting necklaces away is finding a way to keep them from getting tangled. When this is the case, unless you have the right tricks to untie them, you might be tempted to leave them that way forever.

Prevent your necklaces from tangling by installing hooks where you can hang them. This system will also help you easily see each of your jewelry and allow you to get ready quickly in the morning. You will also avoid purchasing duplicate coins.

You can also use a simple corkboard embellished with thumbtacks to hang your necklaces. You can also use the same system with smaller tacks to store your earrings.

Store fine and delicate jewelry

Now let’s focus on the smaller and more delicate pieces in your jewelry collection: rings, earrings, and thin bracelets. You can’t hang them up and you don’t want to drop them in a jewelry case or pouch either, so what?

The storage of these pieces can be part of your decoration by using for example beautiful plates and bowls. You can divert tea plates or let your creative spirit speak by redecorating them.

Organize watches and bracelets

Storing watches and bracelets is quite easy. A nice box will do the trick. Also, any circular and vertical object, a bottle of wine, for example, can easily contain your bracelets and your watches. Simply roll them up or slip them over the neck of the bottle, stack them, and voila! I also really like the idea of ​​hijacking a cup holder.

Store family jewelry

Now you might be wondering how to store the most unique pieces in your collection. You probably want to protect them more than your fancy pieces.

One of the best ways to store antique jewelry and other high-end pieces is to place them in a beautiful, velvet-covered jewelry box. These storage boxes not only look great, but they also prevent your jewelry from being scratched or damaged by other metal parts.

To close this article, I have collected some inspirations for you, hoping that you will find the solutions that will suit your needs.


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