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Create cable wire jewelry


The cabled wire is a twisted steel wire generally sheathed with colored plastic material. Several thicknesses are depending on the stiffness you want.
It is one of the simplest and particularly solid means for stringing pearls.

Here is a tutorial to learn how to use the cabled wire to create jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, or rings.

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The advantages of cabled wire for jewelry making

Why do we love it?
First of all, it is super strong, but above all, it is slightly rigid. It allows threading the beads without a needle.

Technically you will need wire cutters and flat pliers to use it.

You should know that you do not tie a knot with cabled thread, you have to use crimp beads to form the loops that will be used to tie your elements.

Crimp beads are small soft metal beads. They are crushed with flat pliers on cable, cord, or snake chain. They are then fixed where you have crushed them.

Avoid cutting just behind the bead to be crimped, it makes a little bit that stings and it breaks the roundness of your jewel.

As with all your stringing of pearls, do not stretch your cable too much, otherwise, your jewelry will be too rigid.

A cabled wire bracelet

To start, let’s make a small bracelet with a clasp and an adjusting chain.

  • Start by attaching the wired wire to the adjustment chain as shown in the photo below.
  • Slide the crimp bead against the link of the adjustment chain then pinch the crimp bead with flat pliers. The bead flattens out and permanently blocks the cabled wire.
  • Cut the small end of the cabled thread behind the first bead.
  • Thread the other beads.
  • You can hook your wired wire directly to the clasp, however, adding a junction ring creates a hinge that makes the clasp easier to hang.

A cable jumper

For a long beaded long necklace, you do not need a clasp. It’s like doing a big loop.
Here is how to proceed so that the rounding of your long necklace is pretty.
Cross the 2 ends of your cable in the last bead and the 2 crimp beads that surround it (and a few other beads to hide the pieces of wire that protrude).
Stretch your cable, pinch the crimp beads, cut the excess cable wire.

Wired wire rings

To make rings, it is the same technique as for necklaces. It’s just a little more thorough because the loop is smaller.
In these models, we have completely covered the cabled wire with beads, but you can also leave it “bare”.

It is often used to create ultra-thin chokers. With just a few pearls.
In this case, you need a crimp bead on each side of the bead to fix it on your wired wire.


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