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How do you know if a piece of jewelry is gold?


Do you want to know if a piece of jewelry is gold? You can go to a jeweler to carry out expertise. This approach has a more or less high cost. There are therefore very easy methods to use to find out if your article is not falsified. In this article, you will discover some effective techniques to know if a piece of jewelry is gold.

To ensure the authenticity of your gold jewelry, you will need to perform several simple tests. To do this, you need to get a magnet, nitric acid, ceramic plate, jewelry cleaning cloth, or bleach, or silver cleaning solution. To find out if a piece of jewelry is gold, you have the choice between these different solutions. It is up to you to choose the authentication method that you know best.

Carry out a magnetic test with the magnet: This is the easiest method to use to know if your jewel is made of gold. You need to place your gold item right next to the magnet. In this case, it will be attracted to the magnetic object if it is counterfeit, that is to say if it is a gold-plated jewel. This is because genuine gold is not attracted to the magnet. However, just because your gold jewelry is not attracted to the magnet does not mean that it is genuine. So this is a test that you can complete with others like using bleach or silver cleaner solution.
The test with the silver cleaner or bleach: You must place your gold jewelry in the silver cleaner or bleach solution and wait for one day. If after 24 hours you do not notice any oxidation on your item, it is real gold. Otherwise, your jewelry is not real gold. It is a plated metal.

The test with the jewelry cleaning cloth. This is a gold authentication technique that is also very easy to implement. You must rub your jewelry with the cleaning cloth. If your item is made with faux gold, the gold will simply be removed after some contact with the fabric.

The nitric acid test: In a stainless steel container, you must place your gold jewelry and then wait for the chemical reactions that will occur after adding a few drops of this solution to your gold coin. If the reaction is green then your jewelry is gold plated. It is the same conclusion if the reaction is white. But if there is no reaction then your article is pure gold. Given certain risks associated with its handling, this method is generally implemented by professionals such as jewelers. Be very careful to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The test with the ceramic plate:
You must slide your jewel on the surface of the plate. If you see a black stripe on your item it means it is not real gold.
A professional offers you a diamond estimate
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