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How much does a brick of gold weigh


The most common gold bar format is that of 1 kilo, it is generally the one that is represented in the cinema and therefore, the most present in the collective imagination. However, there are other formats than that of 1 kilo, formats that would benefit from being known since they were introduced to please the greatest number.

These mainly include ingots. These small bars were created to open up investment in precious metals to smaller investors and savers. They come in several formats, namely: 1g, 5g, 10g, 20g, one ounce, 50g, and 100g. Indeed, it is considered that beyond 250g it is no longer an ingot but an ingot.

Along with these, combi bars were also marketed. They take the concept of the ingot, ie being accessible to as many people as possible, but take the form of a breakable plate in 1g ingots. Again, they are available in various sizes including 5g, 10g, 20g, one ounce, and 50g.

However, the ingots themselves are characterized by higher weights. Thus, the smallest ingot starts at 250g, then comes that of 500g, 1 kilo (which we have already mentioned), and 12.5 kilos. The ingot weighing 12.5 kilos is strictly reserved for transactions between financial institutions (therefore mainly between central banks). Note that the largest ingot in the world weighs 220 kilos and is currently on display in a museum in Taiwan.

Also, it is interesting to see that there is something for everyone, especially since the ingot remains comparatively cheaper than a coin because it does not include engraving or minting costs. If you want to invest in an ingot but do not know which format is right for you, contact a Godot & Fils client advisor, he will assist you in your investment.


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