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How to clean a gold chain


Gold is a precious metal valued for its brilliance, color, and durability. But jewelry tarnishes quickly over time. If you have a gold chain, bracelet, or ring, you may have seen it. It must be said that the gold chain, worn around the neck or the wrist, is subject to friction, wear and tear of time, humidity, pollution … These are all elements that have a real impact on the shine of your gold chain. Here are some simple tips for good maintenance and to restore shine to your jewelry.


The best way to wash a gold chain is to bathe it first. Immerse the jewel in a volume of water with Marseille soap. This cleaning with soapy water is as natural as it is effective. It will be even more so if you use a small soft bristle brush to gently rub the jewel. Then rinse the jewel with lukewarm water, place it on absorbent paper if necessary and wipe it with chamois leather. Your channel should find a new lease of life, cleaner but also brighter. A simple trick for cleaning gold chains that also works to make a badly worn gold chain come back.


No need to look too far to find real tips to restore shine to your channel. In your kitchen, you should find an onion. Cut in half, it rubs on the jewel to remove the fat. The crumb of fresh bread, applied to the jewel, “erases” the dirt from the chain, even between very fine links. You can also clean your gold chain with lemon or coke. During twenty minutes of soaking in Coca-Cola, the soda will attack the dirt thanks to its acidity. You can also rub your jewelry with a mixture of baking powder and water. Either way, rinse your gold chain well with water and wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning gold chains at home is also possible in the bathroom. One of the well-known techniques is to rub the chain with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. A toothbrush is also very practical for really cleaning a gold chain with very fine links.


Restoring shine and freshness to your white gold chain can become essential over time. You thus ensure shine and longer shelf life. Marseille soap or even clay are natural methods that perfectly respect white gold. The light shade of white gold requires more regular cleaning. Once a week, you can soak your white gold chain in water and wash up liquid. Clean the jewelry with a small brush or cotton swab. After drying with a soft cloth, polishing with a chamois-type cloth is a plus.


In any case, before starting a cleaning, make sure that your gold chain is in good condition (clasp, well interlocking links, etc.). In case of a problem, do not hesitate to entrust your chain to your jeweler. Otherwise, for a yellow gold chain, you can use cleaning techniques with Marseille soap or toothpaste. Note that when cleaning with water, lukewarm water is sufficient: avoid water that is too hot. It is also possible to use special ultrasonic electric jewelry cleaners. It’s a great way to give a gold chain some extra shine. And if your chain contains stones, of course, rub them delicately so as not to damage them.


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