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How to clean gold plated jewelry


They give us a jewel or sometimes we inherit gold jewels and once we have the jewels at home, the main doubts arise, since they arrive in perfect condition after being bought, but we are all aware that over time they can be affected and change of color, shape or directly deteriorate.

In any case, it is best to take into account the care that any jewel needs depending on the materials with which it is made, so we will know how to store it and how to clean it. In this post we will focus on how to clean gold and other gold-plated jewelry from various materials.

At MG Atelier all jewelry and beads are made of silver and gold-plated silver, with the exception of some necklaces and earrings that are made of gold-plated brass and gold-plated bronze.

How to clean gold

Gold plating is a surface treatment applied to a piece of other metal to make it look like gold.

As it is a superficial bath, it is necessary to take special care, since with improper use it can be damaged and lost.

There are many factors that contribute to the loss of it, so here are some tips to make your jewel last longer.

  • It is very important that the jewel does not come into direct or indirect contact with creams, perfumes, oils and cosmetics in general, since they contain chemical products that can damage the bathroom at the time.
  • Do not practice sports with gold-plated jewels, since sweat and the pH of the skin can contribute to the damage of the gold bath.
  • Do not bathe in the sea or swimming pools with the jewels bathed in gold, since chlorine and sea water and the combination of these with the sun deteriorate the layer of gold bath.
  • Do not bathe daily with the jewel as certain soaps, because they contain chemical products, can contribute to the damage of the gold bath.
  • Avoid rubbing with other elements that can scratch it.
  • When you are not wearing your jewelry, store them individually in their box.
  • To clean your jewelry, use warm water, mild soap and a cotton cloth.
  • Old or heavily soiled jewelry
  • If the jewels are very dirty, it is good to use a basin with warm water with neutral soap and a soft brush. We will introduce the gold jewels for a few minutes in the bowl and, later, we will brush gently.

When we talk about antique jewelry, its care must be superior, so instead of filling the basin with neutral soap, we will do it with mild soap for people. When they are submerged for a while, we will extract them and brush them gently, and then dry them completely so that they are not wet and can be damaged.

Custom bracelets

The bracelets custom usually also have great sentimental value because they carry our name, initial, our children, parents or partner, so we would like to preserve as much as possible in good condition so we can wash them with a brush and little lukewarm water, removing any dirt that they may have but preventing them from breaking.

How to store my jewelry?

Something that we often do not know how to do is the way to store our jewels when we are not wearing them, since when we buy them they come with a box or a velvet bag but we do not know if that is the way in which we should store them.

And, regardless of the material in which our jewels are made, the most important thing is that they are not colliding or rubbing against each other , since what we achieve with this is that they quickly have scratches. The best solution is to keep them in a jewelry box in which each one is isolated from the other in its compartment. Another way is to leave them in their original boxes or bags , specially created so that they do not suffer blows and remain protected.

On many occasions we do not know how to take care of the jewelry we have at home, and it is very important, since with a few simple steps we will ensure that these remain in perfect condition and we can continue using them in all their splendor.


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