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How to clean sterling silver necklace


To successfully clean a silver necklace at home, all you need is several handy accessories and products, including a microfiber cloth, baking soda, or dish soap. However, while it is obvious that some jewelry can be cleaned at home without any problems, be aware that you must leave others in the care of professionals. These include old silver necklaces, fragile jewelry, and models that are encrusted with precious stones. When you want to clean a silver necklace in your home, start by using baking soda and soap. After that, you can try other processes like aluminum baths and toothpaste.

Use a cloth that will not create scratches on the collar. A microfiber cloth or jewelry polishing cloth is the most suitable accessory you can use to polish your necklace. These will not scratch it, unlike paper towels or handkerchiefs. Instead, you should use a soft, lint-free cloth to polish your collar.
It is advisable to use a cotton swab in case you have to treat small areas.

Start with a little soap. If your silver necklace is slightly tarnished, know that you can start by cleaning it using a small amount of dish soap. You just need to put a few drops of this product in a glass of lukewarm water. Then stir everything and soak your cloth in the solution to start polishing your collar
Rub in the direction of the grain. You might find it best to polish your necklace in a circular motion, but it can scratch it. The best way to do this is to rub back and forth, making sure to go with the grain of the collar, as this is less likely to create scratches on the collar.
As for the chain, you may need to rub it gently between your fingers using the cloth.
Continue the movement to use the clean parts of the cloth, so as not to spread the dirt on the collar.
You can also use a clean, soft-bristled brush to treat specific areas, but you have to be careful not to overdo it.
Avoid deliberately oxidized parts. In some cases, the jeweler may have allowed parts of the necklace to blacken to bring out some elements. If you have such a piece of jewelry, avoid polishing these areas, so that it doesn’t lose some of its appeal.


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