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How to clean sterling silver


There square measure several ways you’ll attempt to clean metal. If you would like to scrub gently stained silver, use an easy dishwasher resolution. This technique is delicate enough to be used on items that contain pearls and stones, like jewellery. another choice is to form a hydrogen carbonate paste to scrub lightweight to moderately stained items. On the opposite hand, if they’re heavily stained, strive the foil technique, which uses a chemical action known as chemical science reduction, to scrub the silver.

Rinse the silver items with heat water. once you square measure removal them, use your hands to feel and take away the dirt and rubble. removal of them can take away any particles that might scratch them throughout the improvement method. place the items in an exceedingly soft cotton drier

Mix heat water with a gentle detergent. Use a phosphate-free, ammonia-free dishwasher like Dawn detergent (make positive it’s citrus-free too). mix ΒΌ tablespoon (4 cubic centimetres) of the merchandise with 240 ml (1 cup) of water. combine till well incorporated

Rub the silver in straight back-to-front motions. This form can facilitate maintaining the same look. do not rub in an exceedingly circular motion. Use a polysaccharide sponge or plant disease or pad that you simply have swaybacked within the cleansing agent water to clean the silver.

  • If the silver piece has little indentations, use a toothbrush or cotton swab to scrub them.
  • You can purchase a polysaccharide sponge from your native ironmongery shop.

Rinse the silver items with heat water. don’t use cold water or predicament. Afterwards, dry them like a shot so that water spots don’t type on the silver.

Dry the finished items with a soft fabric. another choice is to use a silver sharpening fabric (Selvyt) to dry them. Then use a microfiber fabric to shine the piece once you are done.

  • When handling and improvement the silver items, you’ll wear nitril gloves (not latex) to avoid fingerprints or smudges.
  • This improvement technique works best for jewellery that has opaque or clear pearls and stones.


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