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How to create your jewelry brand?


One of the greatest joys of being an artist is sharing your work with the world. Jewelry designers in particular understand this. Becoming a self contractor in jewelry designer and creating your brand is a great way to publicize your work by building new relationships with customers impressed and grateful.

Creating your jewelry brand: the key information

The jewelry industry is competitive and the future success of your brand depends on building a solid foundation. However, by having good information about the jewelry market, you will be able to navigate your way simply in this area that you are passionate about. Discover below the key information to know before creating your jewelry brand under the status of self-employed :

  • The creation and manufacture of jewelry is an unregulated activity, which means that you will not have to do specific training and it also means that there is no compulsory insurance to carry out your activity;
  • The Business Formalities Center (CFE) on which jewelry creation depends is the Chamber of Trades and Crafts ;
  • The APE code assigned to jewelry designers is as follows: 32.12Z – Manufacture of jewelry and jewelry items or 32.13Z – Manufacture of costume jewelry and similar items ;
  • The amount of social security contributions to be paid is set at 12.80% of your sales activity and 22% of the service activity ;
  • The annual turnover of the service activity not to be exceeded has a ceiling of € 72,600.

Exercise conditions

Before creating your jewelry brand and starting your own business, you will need to be sure that you meet certain conditions necessary for this profession:

  • Declaration of precious materials: as in this activity you will be actively required to handle gold, silver, or even platinum, you must imperatively declare yourself to the guarantee offices;
  • Good repute: you must provide a sworn statement stating that no conviction prohibiting you from exercising a professional activity or running a business has ever been filed against you;
  • Keeping a police book: you will need to have a register that will contain all the details concerning the purchases, deliveries, and sales of your precious metals;
  • The information obligation: by creating your jewelry brand, you will surely sell your creations yourself, you must then clearly display the prices charged and provide buyers with a dedicated form to facilitate their exercise of the right of withdrawal;
  • Punching: in certain situations, you will have to carry out the punching of your creations to certify and attest to the quality of the precious metals that you have used as well as their origin.

Create your jewelry brand: 10 tips to know before starting a self-business

Select a brand name

Choosing the name for your auto jewelry business can take time and thought, as you will need to choose a name that is eye-catching, creative, and effectively conveys your business’s message and mission. Make sure to check if the name is available as a domain name on the internet so that you can create a website that can allow you to showcase or even sell your jewelry. If you want 100% ownership of your business name, consider getting it filed.

Choose your jewelry style

Ideally, you want to create a brand of jewelry that has a distinctive imprint to make sure it stands out from the competition. In any case, simultaneously, your gems ought to likewise fall into a standard gems class, as picking a style can assist your customers with distinguishing your work. The categories of standard jewelry styles to choose from include:

  • Fine jewelry: made with precious or semi-precious stones and designed for clients looking for high-end and special occasions;
  • Costume jewelry: made from inexpensive materials and metals, intended for a trendy and everyday clientele;
  • Mid-range jewelry: emphasizes uniqueness and design.

Establish your start-up costs

The costs of starting your self-made jewelry business can be reasonably low. Most of the costs are for materials and tools, including the purchase of manual design tools (such as pencils, design charts, and design models) as well as jewelry-specific 2D, 3D design software.

As you grow you will need to budget for higher production and material costs, which will increase as you sell more products. If you also want a physical store, factor the cost of rent and utilities into your budget.

Choose your suppliers and product development process as well, as many online jewelry suppliers offer wholesale jewelry-making equipment, tools, and materials, including rough metals, precious and semi-precious stones, beads, etc.

Regarding the development of your products, plan how you are going to create your designs. Some options include work done by hand or in a factory. Your choice will therefore depend on the complexity of your designs, the materials used, the price, and your skill level. Some art jewelry productions require certifications or specialized training, such as welding, weaving, or silver and goldsmithing. If you are new to the field, consider taking an online course to help you identify your creative path – this will only gain you experience.

Identify your target market

Perhaps you have a preference for a certain type of jewelry, such as fine jewelry for special occasions (weddings) or you want to attract attention and seduce with small, minimalist, more geometric, and worked jewelry. Whatever your preferences, you need to determine who are the most likely people to buy your creations. This is how you can build your marketing plan to speak to this consumer population. Don’t know who you’re looking for? You can collect information about your customers by creating social network accounts via Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn and thus work on your brand image because we must not forget that we are in a digital age.


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