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How to get golden paint with acrylics



The art of painting is an extremely vast world rich in creativity, which requires judicious use of colors and tools typical of the trade. To obtain always different results, there are many techniques and colors. there are watercolors with which you can create almost dreamlike works, from oil colors ideal for painting techniques to classics and acrylics for those who seek shine and durability. Indeed, acrylic paint is less subject to the passage of time than others, and with the primary colors, many others can be created beautiful shades. Concerning that, here is a guide on how to get the gold paint with acrylic colors.

  • necessary
  • Acrylic colors
  • brushes
  • palette
  • talc

Change shade of yellow

To get golden paint, we will have to use the colors that compose it as a basis. Even with the naked eye, we can distinguish the fundamental shade of gold, or yellow, a primary color for the representation of many metals. Let’s think about how to represent in addition to gold, bronze, or brass, for which the dominant base will therefore be precisely yellow, which will have to be modified by using colors of other shades. To mix them, we use a classic painter’s palette or a white plastic plate. For yellow we will have to add little by little brown paint, and the latter can be obtained in turn by mixing the primary colors with a pinch of black.

Mix yellow with brown

Brown acrylics are already commercially available, commercially available from a Fine Arts store. To save on the purchase of blacks and primers, we can opt for this solution, i.e. mix the yellow and brown in small doses to obtain a base. similar to gold. To brighten it up if it’s too dark, we use a pinch of white or a must-have neutral shade to lighten up the colors. It is also useful for creating effects of luminosity and reflection in the representation of shiny surfaces. In this case, we can add the white acrylic little by little until we get closer and closer to the golden paint.

Add clear varnish

The use of a gold jewel as a reference for the natural shade of the precious metal will help us to obtain a more realistic and above all brilliant result. To optimize the result after creating the golden acrylic color identical to that of the sample jewel, we add transparent acrylic paint, making it shiny, taking care to mix it well without leaving lumps, without leaving some parts without color. Once ready, spread it out on the surface to be decorated and let dry, avoiding the creation of unsightly streaks. In this case, it is advisable to proceed horizontally or vertically, then always in the same direction.

Sprinkle talcum powder on the board

One flaw of acrylic paint is that when it dries it becomes porous or instead gives off visible spots which are not aesthetically pleasing. Assuming in this case that you need to create a painting with a golden background on a sheet metal so that you can then add a floral image or any other image, it is advisable to do the following. After waiting for the gold acrylic paint to dry, it is advisable to sprinkle the sheet with talcum powder five minutes before, and then lightly rub it with the palm of your hand. Thanks to the light abrasive action of the product, the bubbles will disappear completely and the golden background will be perfectly smooth and ready for the final decoration.


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