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How to invest in silver


Why invest in silver? What are the opportunities to be seized with this currently undervalued metal? Affordable and offering good investment prospects, silver is increasingly popular with investors and savers who see it as a haven just like gold.

The history of silver

Metal silver has always been a monetary metal. Now that it is becoming scarce, it is destined to become even more so. This metal has always been present in the history of money: the monetary system set up by Croesus in 561 BC. JC laid the foundations of bimetallism, where silver is complementary to gold as a means of payment.

Many investors still define silver as “poor man’s gold” because of its low price compared to gold. The clarification for its present low rate is basic! Several years ago, the silver market experienced an oversupply as the United States took back the silver coins that served as currency. This led to the price of silver being lowered to $ 2 an ounce and then it was traded around $ 5 an ounce for years. Silver then fell off the price of gold dramatically during this period. It began to be seen as “just” another industrial metal and not as a precious metal in its own right.

In what form to buy silver?

Two choices are available to you in terms of investment: ingots and tokens and coins. VeraCash deciphers the main advantages and disadvantages of both parties for you.

Where to buy silver coins?

At VeraCash®, the purchases of silver that you make through your account are backed by legal tender coins and investment tokens. The main investment token backed by your metal silver is Vera Silver.

Where can I store my money?

The gold/silver ratio is currently 1 to 55, that is to say, that one kilo of gold is equivalent to 55 kilos of silver, it seems cumbersome to keep at home in complete safety. Storing your reserves at home, even in a safe, is taking the risk of being burgled or forgetting it. By buying silver on VeraCash®, you benefit from free custody fees, in ultra-secure safes at the Geneva Free Ports.


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