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How to make a jewelry box?


For storing rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, this selection of tutorials allows you to make jewelry boxes and original displays with cardstock, plastic figurines or simple wooden boxes.
To keep for yourself or to give for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day , these jewelry boxes give a second life to objects lying around in the back of the cupboard. Children’s toys, cardboard boxes, wooden wine boxes, matchboxes … These elements are transformed and dressed in colored paper to become jewelry storage.

Likewise, some tutorials are intended for creators exhibiting in markets or fairs. They present original displays to be made with recycled materials . In addition, other selections of the site present methods of designing jewelry holders , ring holders or bracelet holders .

A few tips before you start

  • Protect your workspace before painting or curling an item.
  • If possible, spread the glue on the thick supports and place the paper there, smoothing regularly to expel any air bubbles.
  • Wipe off excess liquid glue with a tissue or piece of cloth before it dries.

A jewelry cabinet in matchboxes – TelUnOiseau

If this piece of furniture is made from small matchboxes fixed together, it is also possible to enlarge it by taking a format of larger matchboxes.

  1. Before unwrapping the packet of matchboxes, take the measurements.
  2. Remove matches.
  3. Glue the matchboxes together to create 4 turns of 5 boxes. Be careful to align the boxes properly by gluing them and keep the elements glued with small pliers .
  4. Cut 6 rectangles of the size of the towers in the cardboard of your choice.
  5. Ink the edges of the rectangles then glue them to the sides of the towers.
  6. Take the dimensions of the two sides of the box that have remained bare and transfer them to rigid cardboard. Cut.
  7. Make 20 cardboard strips and 20 decorative paper strips the size of the opening of a matchbox.
  8. Cover the large cardboard plates with the paper of your choice and glue.
  9. Glue the plate covering the back of the storage. Leave to dry for 24 hours, leaving a weight on it.
  10. Glue the paper strips to the front of the boxes and the cardboard strips to the bottom.
  11. Make a last strip of cardboard, fold it in half and punch it in the center.
  12. Use it to mark a point in the inner part of the front of each box and drill it.
  13. Cut a piece of ribbon at an angle and lightly heat the ends with a candle.
  14. Insert them into the boxes, both ends inward, leaving a loop protruding outside to create a handle.
  15. Tie the ends of the ribbon in a knot and glue them to the bottom of the box.
  16. Repeat steps 13 to 15 for each box.
  17. Take the internal dimensions of the box and cut out 20 pieces of decorative paper with these measurements. Glue them to the bottom of the boxes.

Converting wooden boxes into jewelry displays – Kerrozenn

By painting wooden wine boxes and attaching curtain rods, hooks and screw-on hinges to them, jewelry designer Kerrozenn makes 2 types of displays for necklaces, earrings and bracelets, simple to make.

Necklace display with hooks

  • Clean, sand lightly and paint the body.
  • Allow to dry completely following the instructions specific to the paint used.
  • Screw the small hooks into the top part, inside the box. Be sure to space them enough so that the collars do not get tangled.

Customize the box.

  • Jewelry display with rods for curtains
  • Clean, sand lightly and paint the body. The dry thoroughly.
  • Screw two hinges on each side of the box, inside it.
  • Use them to secure two curtain rods.

Compartmentalized jewelry box – Marie Chichi

Cardstock, liquid glue and patterned paper are all you need to make this compartmentalized and resealable jewelry box. For a nice finish, the corners of the lid are protected by metal corners, available at hobby stores.

The box

  1. In 2 mm thick cardboard, cut the 5 rectangles needed to make the box, following the dimensions indicated at the beginning of the video.
  2. Assemble and glue the different parts together with liquid glue or hot glue.
  3. Consolidate the edges with masking tape.
  4. Measure the 2 short side sides of the box and one of the long side sides. Report the dimensions on the paper of your choice as well as on thick paper. Leave an extra 1 cm strip at the top and at each end of the strips created.
  5. Spread liquid glue on the thick paper strip and attach the patterned paper strip to it. Smooth.
  6. Spread liquid glue on the sides of the jewelry box and secure the strip of patterned paper, leaving the extra centimeter protruding from the top of the box. The additional 2 cm on the ends must protrude over the side that is left bare.
  7. Pinch off the top of the corners and cut them out.
  8. Fold the top of the paper toward the inside of the box. To stick on.
  9. In the paper chosen for the interior, cut a strip 8 cm wide and 15 cm long. Fold it in half and glue half of it on one of the two longer internal faces, to create the hinge between the box and the lid.
  10. Cut out rectangles of patterned paper to the dimensions of all internal sides of the box. Glue them with liquid glue, smoothing them down regularly to remove air bubbles.


  1. In 2 mm thick cardboard, cut 3 rectangles to the dimensions indicated in the 5th minute of the video .
  2. Transfer them to the chosen paper, leaving a centimeter gap between each rectangle and two centimeters at the sides of the rectangle formed by the 3 parts of the cover.
  3. Glue the cardboard rectangles onto the colored paper.
  4. Fold the excess paper over to the other side of the cardboard.
  5. Draw a diagonal from each of the corners of the lid. Cut.
  6. Glue the folded paper with liquid glue.
  7. Place the metal corners, protect them with a piece of cardboard and flatten them with a hammer.
  8. Spread glue on the two parts of the box that have remained bare and on the second part of the hinge. Secure the cover.
  9. Cover the last internal face and the hinge with colored paper.

The compartment

  • From card stock and patterned paper, cut out rectangles according to the internal dimensions of the box.
  • Glue the patterned paper to the cardboard parts.

Chromed jars for bracelets, rings and earrings – Babyboops

This tutorial also presents other decorative ideas for making magnets, a vase, as well as a jewelry holder and a jewelry box recycling animal figurines. The jewelry tutorials require plastic figures and animals , as well as a spray of chrome paint. The explanations to carry them out begin, as for it, from 1 minute 10.

The jewelry jar

  1. Clean and dry a glass jar and its lid.
  2. Check that the animal chosen to top the cover fits on it.
  3. Secure it with hot glue.
  4. Protect the work surface and cover everything with chrome paint.

The deer jewelry holder

Choose a figurine or an animal whose shapes allow you to hang rings or necklaces.
The bomber with chrome paint.
Glue it to the center of a saucer with hot glue.

Even more ideas

  • Sculpture of tableware to store her jewelry by Minute Déco : by stacking pretty mugs, cups, bowls and plates, this decorator composes a sculpture allowing to store necklaces, bracelets and earrings while having an object in the colors of her interior.
  • Recycle its transparent plastic boxes by Carfts Time : with a layer of small pebbles or white stones arranged on colored paper, a simple transparent box becomes a jewelry box, decorated with a brooch or charms.
  • Recycle your boxes into storage boxes by Marilys Simplicity : with the boom in monthly boxes sent home, it is possible to recover them and transform them into small storage units with drawers to store makeup, jewelry or small treasures.


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