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How to make jewelry in gold or silver?


How to make gold or silver jewelry using primers?

It is, in fact, very easy to make gold and silver jewelry from primers, pearls, and gems purchased in specialized stores such as www.matierepremiere.fr or www.bijou-creation.com. As tools, all you need is small electrician pliers and glue. The pliers are used to twist the metal, open and close the gold or silver rings, crush the brakes which block a string of pearls.

How to make silver or gold jewelry adorned with pearls?

The beads are threaded directly on the cable, on rods, or rings. By forming loops at the top of the stems, they can be grouped into clusters. The elements are thus composed to infinity to form necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, or earrings. You just have to let yourself be carried away by its inspiration.

How to make gold or silver jewelry adorned with gems?

The gems are placed between the claws of the preparations intended to receive them or are glued with special glue on the smooth parts.

Nothing prohibits the simultaneous use of the different techniques.

The craftsman first creates a wax model then a mold

The artisan jeweler begins by drawing the jewels that he will create from scratch. When the model satisfies him, he makes a wax model of it which allows him to see the effect of his creation in 3D. This model is also used to create the mold of the jewel. It is immersed in a special container with plaster. Everything is introduced into a machine that removes the wax and leaves in its place a hollow matrix.

The craftsman then refines the jewel out of the mold

Gold or liquid silver passes from a crucible into the mold into a machine using centrifugal force. The mold is dissolved in cold water and the jewel is polished: filed, sanded, hallmarked, polished, sheared, cleaned with an ultrasonic device, and polished with chamois leather.

He can thus make unique silver and gold jewelry, the mold no longer existing after each realization. The case is different for series parts.


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