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How to make your jewelry?


Whether you decide to complete your jewelry holder with new treasures or to offer a gift to a loved one, handmade jewelry will always make a splash with its originality.

How to make your jewelry?

To start making your jewelry, ask yourself which technique inspires you the most. Braiding, to make paracord breastplates or Brazilian bracelets? Modeling using Fimo or cold porcelain, to make your pearls or even small pendants? The weaving that combines pearls, threads, and ribbons? There are several techniques to make jewelry and in this special file, you will discover several, accessible to novices for the most part. Think about it too: costume jewelry can incorporate other creative techniques that you may already be proficient in. Why not use paper to make origami earrings for example? Use wool and knitting to invent matching bracelets and rings? Or even, more unusual, work with wood to make wooden ornaments?

The material needed to make your jewelry

When you have chosen the technique of your dreams to make your jewelry, equip yourself! There is of course a basic material, common to all the techniques of creation of costume jewelry. Cutting pliers, clasps, rings, jewelry glue but also pearls, metal, leather, felt… you will find in this file the detailed list. And don’t forget: the right tools make the right workers!

Know that there are also a large number of books to guide you, so you can practice quietly at home and progress at your own pace, thanks to technical step-by-step and DIY jewelry.

We can cite, for example, the book Mes Bijoux Création, published by Editions Marie Claire, which is fairly general, because it allows you to create 42 different models, from bracelets to rings, including necklaces and earrings. If not, specialize in cold porcelain jewelry, thanks to the book Cold porcelain jewelry, published by Marie Claire editions. Finally, think about DIY jewelry kits, perfect for getting started since they include the explanations and the materials needed to make the jewelry.

Making jewelry for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to embark on unique DIYs. One of our favorite creative ideas for Mother’s Day: making jewelry. Young or old can easily get started in this activity to make a personalized gift. Beyond the traditional bracelet to offer, there are many creative ideas for making a piece of jewelry, such as a Heishi pearl eyeglass cord or a DIY pearl bar, still trendy this season. And for the lucky ones who are getting ready to spend a few days at the beach, take the opportunity to bring back some shells to make a cowrie shell choker necklace!


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