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Maintenance of costume jewelry


How to clean oxidized costume jewelry?

Whether your jewelry is precious or fancy, it needs the utmost care and needs cleaning from time to time to regain its original shine. In this article dedicated to oxidized costume jewelry, we show you some tips to take care of your earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces that have oxidized over time. It is often silver or gold metallic jewelry.

Tips and tricks for oxidizing jewelry

First of all, rest assured that the jewel is in oxidized metal. That is to say that it is in silver metal for example and that it has only blackened and is oxidizing, it becomes black or changes color. Because the jewel is gold or silver plated and the plating jumps, which inevitably happens, you will not be able to do anything with it and it would be too expensive and complicated to do it again. Know therefore identify the problem and as far as possible avoid plated jewelry which certainly offers “silver” plated jewelry but which ages even worse than most metal jewelry. If your jewel is therefore made of metal and which has oxidized that it has blackened, you will not need anything other than a clean cloth and by rubbing your jewel you will restore its shine. It is the rag that will turn black. It is sometimes necessary to rub hard enough if the jewelry has been oxidized for a long time. This technique is simple and very effective. You will find cleaning clothes at Amazon, for example.

Other grandmother techniques

There are other techniques, classics that consist in rubbing your jewelry with the following solutions: baking soda, toothpaste, lemon juice, cleansing milk. One by one recess! Or to bathe your jewelry in a bath with an effervescent aspirin cachet. Avoid rubbing them with an abrasive cloth, avoid chemicals, or be careful if your jewelry has stones.

How to make jewelry shine?

Jewelry, whether in silver, gold, fantasy, or pearl, metal or steel needs little care to shine. Your costume jewelry or silver metal have tarnished and you want to restore their shine? Here are tips and advice from a grandmother that will benefit your jewelry and restore the luster, shine, and beauty of yesteryear simply and effectively!

Make silver jewelry shine

To make silver jewelry shine is simple, to start using a cloth, a clean cloth without abrasive to rub the silver. The linen will turn black and the jewelry will turn back to silver. If your jewelry is silver plated the risk is to remove the silver part that has been added. In this case, it is recommended to choose jewelry in solid silver or even in metal that will not change color! If you have silver jewelry you can make them shine with talcum powder, lemon juice or toothpaste, or baking soda. These methods are very effective and great. There are of course specific products in supermarkets.

Shine costume jewelry

Costume jewelry can be made of several materials such as seed beads or even leather, stones, or metals. Making costume jewelry shine will depend above all on the material of these. Know-how will have to be adapted according to the subject. But in most cases a soft cloth or soapy water then wiped off will remove the dirt or dust that has gradually become encrusted on the costume jewelry.

Shine pearl jewelry

If your jewelry is made from natural pearls, avoid all chemicals sold in stores. A soft cloth and soap will be enough to restore shine to the pearls. You can also make them spend a night in a seawater bath, their natural environment. Mother of pearl is fragile, you can also apply sweet almonds to your pearl jewelry.

How to store your jewelry?

If you have a lot of jewelry, there comes a time when you need to be organized and meticulous. Otherwise, you risk tangling them, dissociating them, and especially damaging them. There are a large number of storage methods out there and you will certainly find the one that works best for you depending on what you have.
A great classic … the jewelry box

The jewelry box is certainly the oldest storage and the one that is used the most. On the other hand, a simple box will quickly become a real hell for you because all the jewelry will risk getting tangled and making knots. Chains can become a real Chinese puzzle, earrings can quickly become orphaned, not to mention that this mess can damage jewelry. If you are still very traditional and prefer boxes, choose one that has compartments that will change your life. The must is to have a box covered with a case that will protect your jewelry from scratches.

Fancy and modern storage

There are more and more smart solutions to store your jewelry. The decoration shops are constantly inventing new jewelry holders, each more beautiful than the next, which are practical and very aesthetic. You can choose the shape of your jewelry holder according to your preferences and especially the style you have the most. Some are suitable for wearing chains or long necklaces and others will be more practical for your collection of earrings. Some systems allow you to combine all types of jewelry, whether rings, bracelets, bracelets, chains. If you are a bit of a handyman you can even build your custom system with as many possibilities as you want.


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