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Silver decoration: Inspirations around the color silver at home


Do you want to know everything about the color silver which brings sparkle and shine to any interior style? Meaning, atmospheres, association advice, decorating ideas … We take stock to bring the money perfectly home! Get out your silverware!

How to use money in your decoration?

Belonging to the chromatic field of gray, the color silver usually appears in small touches in interior decoration. Indeed, one rarely uses the color silver alone, in total look in an interior, because the result can – like its counterpart the golden color – quickly become excessive, even “bling-bling”. We, therefore, prefer to use the silver shade sparingly in its decoration to bring shine, and therefore radiance to its interior. To do this, you can either adopt the color silver on a strong piece of its interior (coffee table, side table, imposing vase, XXL silver frame, large light …), or paint a section of wall with silver paint or install silver wallpaper on a small wall surface, or invite silver here and there in its interior via decorative elements of smaller sizes (candlesticks, crockery, decorative cups, small silver wall shelves, bedding, small decorative objects, cushions, etc.) or add small touches of silver to the furniture finishes (table legs, dresser knobs, front of a kitchen cupboard, etc.). Regarding materials, we choose between aluminum, nickel, chrome, steel, and stainless steel. We also think of marrying different types of money to make the whole thing more sophisticated. Polished silver, brushed silver, old silver … the choice is yours!

What colors to associate with silver?

The color silver is a cool color that, if used on its own, can add a gloomy feel to an interior. However, it is readily associated with other colors and even highlights red, black, and blue. The only restriction: do not associate it with too bright colors; given the strong personality of the color silver, the result could turn out to be too garish and not harmonious.

For a chic, masculine decor, you can combine the color silver with black or blue, in dark tones, to emphasize the masculine aspect. Stainless steel or aluminum furniture reinforces this atmosphere.

Even chic, but more refined: silver with white! Ideal for a contemporary interior!

If we are not afraid of the “luxury” effect, we remember that gold and silver go very well. But here again, the choice of objects and accessories must be done carefully to avoid falling into the anarchy of colors.

The silver color goes well with gray, but also with warm metallic colors such as copper and rose gold for an elegant, chic look.

To soften the flashy effect of silver, it can be combined with pastel shades. Silver and powder pink for a master bedroom with a soft and feminine atmosphere, silver and cloud blue for a poetic child’s bedroom, or silver and sea green for a bathroom. baths conducive to well-being.


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