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The color silver in decoration: use and associate it


The virtues of the color silver

Belonging to the chromatic field of gray, the color silver often refers, in the collective imagination, to a festive atmosphere. Originally, this very particular shade, which induces an idea of ​​brilliance, brings together the different shades which have the color and metallic appearance of silver. Then the term gradually evolved, now designating all kinds of decorative objects and accessories that are adorned with a silver outfit, whatever their material. This shade is thus available in many colors, from light gray to very light. Who says silver object, often says made flashy. The silver color is also often reminiscent of the golden hue and, therefore, a “bling-bling” atmosphere. Unlike walleye, the

How to use the color silver in decoration?

Money arrived on the front of the decoration scene a few months ago. The interiors are dressed in light, composed of rhinestones and sequins. A good way to hang the light and make the decor sparkle! Indeed, silver embellishes while giving a festive air to your interior. Still, going for a silver shade in his home is not necessarily an easy task. Prefer to have a few small touches here and there, rather than a room entirely decorated in silver. Accessories, such as cushions, vases, lamps, etc. will give pride of place to this original and precious color. Add silver tones in its interior, it is also in a way to bring out this desire for shine, sparkle, and originality. If we can choose accessories or use silver paint for a section of the wall, furniture side, we will opt more for aluminum or stainless steel products to harmonize the whole.

With which colors to associate a silver tint?

  • Who says money, often says gold! For a bling-bling atmosphere at will, combine these two luminous shades. You will quickly feel like you are living like a queen.
  • For a metallic atmosphere, opt for a silver color to which will be added touches of black. This association will give a more masculine side to your interior.
  • Do you like more refined atmospheres? Fall for the money paired with white. Very simple, it will give a little chic touch to your home.
  • To soften the shimmering effect of silver, pair it with pastel shades. You will feel at your ease in this little cocoon where the sparkle of silver will mingle with the delicacy of pastel tones.

In the end, all the colors match the silver. So, pair it with your favorite color. However, to avoid any lack of taste, avoid too garish shades in association with silver, which already results, on its own, a surprising and original rendering.


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